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Covid-19 Has Changed the World

Covid-19 Has Changed the World
by Prof. Suwarsih Madya, M.A., Ph.D.

Covid-19, Covid-19, people have named you
You have indeed made everyone everywhere
all eyes and all ears at any news on you
You, Covid-19, have indeed made everyone care

With your invisible nature of being minute
Yet with your devastating power no doubt
You have invited both a curse and a salute
Making some worse, yet others more devout

You’ve interrupted the former’s indulgence
Preventing them from reaching their worldly destiny
Yet you’ve made the latter contemplate for correction
Committed to returning to the right path to their true destiny

You’ve stopped a few peoples’ arrogant claims about their superiority
of wealth, military power, medicine, science, and technology
In times of undeniable difficulty and sorrow you have easily created
peoples around the globe have suddenly become altruistically motivated

You’ve made pharmacologists, medical scientists, and associates
Work extra-hard to find the very medicine to cure your victims
You’ve made families return to a sort of life they should always create
To share moments of happiness, mutually care when the life lamp dims

You’ve done your great job with no discrimination at all
You’ve spread rapidly throughout the globe to reach all
To threat and attack people no matter what they do for sure
Heads of the States, ministers, medical doctors, the rich, the poor

But some have observed you’ve complied with the divine law
You respect people living a healthy life and then just pass by
You remind those being apathetic about health with your paw
But I wonder why you have no mercy on the doctors standing by

You, Covid-19, you’ve made many people wonder with no pauses
What kind of mission God has sent you with to go around the world
Forcing every leader to rethink their ways to manage their resources
You, Covid-19, you’ve indeed changed how people live on this earth

Tegal Mraen, Mlati Sleman, DIY
1 May 2020




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