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The Divergent Thinking of Basic Skills of Sciences Process Skills of Life Aspects on Natural Sciences Subject in Indonesian Elementary School Students

Bambang Subali, Paidi, & Siti Mariyam
Biology Education Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Yogyakarta State University

APFSLT 17 (1) (Jun., 2016)


This research aims at measuring the divergent thinking of basic skills of science process skills (SPS) of life aspects in Natural Sciences subjects on Elementary School. The test instruments used in this research have been standardized through the development of instruments. In this case, the tests were tried out to 3070 students. The results of the try out indicated that all test items are fitted with the Partial Credit Model (PCM) using Quest Program. The measurements for the larger scale were performed to 7867 students selected using purposive sampling techniques by considering the distribution of the schools in Yogyakarta Special Province i.e. the schools in the province, regencies, and districts. Findings are (1) the different indicators for each aspect of basic skills leads to the different attainment levels, and (2) with regard to grades 4,5, and 6, the higher the grades are, the higher the achievement percentage will be.

Keywords: divergent thinking, science process skills, Partial Credit Model

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