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Young Brother Who Exceeds Us

Lena Citra Manggalasari
Mahasiswa S3 Program Join Degree Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta dan Technische Universitaet Dresden–In an international forum President Jokowi asked Singapore government during his speech to invest in Indonesia. Comparing to Singapore, Indonesia actually had its independence earlier. What strategy makes Singapore more developed than Indonesia is an important question for us. How the young brother exceeds us? Singapore needs just 50 years to be a developed country, while Indonesia spent 75 years to be a developing country. This triumph should be learned by countries which are still struggling like Indonesia.

Since its independence, Singapore has set a strategy to evolve the country. Leaders agreed to commit succeeding the state through education. This strategy has proven to be successful. Singapore succeeds in transforming their position from third-world status to first-world status for just two generations.

From this greatly successful story, we can see that the most precious asset to advance a country is human capital and education system. I recognize that even geographically it is a small country, Singapore has the best scheme to design itself to be an outstanding country.

They divide the improvement into three phases, i.e. survival phase, efficiency phase and global knowledge phase. In the first phase, the government focused on expanding the basic education because most of the population was illiterate and unskilled. Bilingual policy was also applied in this phase, so that all children would learn both English and their own language.

In the second phase, after 19 years passed through the first phase, the government focused on producing trained people in all levels and majors. In this phase vocational education had a big role. For additional information, in developed country there are more vocational schools and institutes than universities.

In the third phase which has been starting from 1990 until today, they are focusing on discovering new ideas, innovation, creativity, and research. How about in Indonesia? do we have a structured scheme to improve our country or we just change the system once every five-year? (*)

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  1. Thank you for informing Singapore model of shaping from a third world country to be developed country. Indonesia used to has REPELITA (I, II,III). Where was it?


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